Ashtonn Means

Ashtonn has attended workshops from numerous experienced potters to broaden her artistic abilities. She hopes to honor the techniques and teachings of all of the ceramic artists that have worked with her. She has embraced the art community as enthusiastically as they have embraced her through community art exhibitions, memberships, and volunteering. Ashtonn became a member of the Grand Junction Clay Arts Guild in January 2009. Ashtonn, and her husband Matthew Jones, artist, Instructor at Colorado Mesa University, and Curator for the Western Colorado Center for the Arts, have begun creating their business By All Means Arts (BAM Arts) together and are developing an online shop in 2019. Sharing the ceramic world with her husband is something Ashtonn cherishes everyday and is thankful for his encouragement in the development and creation of her artwork. Ashtonn is an instructor of Teen Wheel Throwing and Beginning/Intermediate Adult Wheel Throwing classes at the Western Colorado Center for the Arts where she shares her love of ceramics with her students.  Ashtonn’s passion for art does not stop with ceramic art; she nurtures a passion for Middle Eastern dance, which plays an important role in her pottery through the surface design, dance inspired forms, female figures, henna designs, costuming, and color palette. 

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Ashtonn has been studying ceramics since 2007 when she took her first ceramics class at the age of 13, at the Western Colorado Center for the Arts. Terry Shepherd, Director of Ceramics at the Western Colorado Center for the Arts, has been a consistent mentor, instructor, and catalyst for her artistic growth. Being a Grand Junction native has given her the opportunity to live near the Colorado River Trail and the Colorado National Monument, both natural works of art. Ashtonn attended Colorado Mesa University pursuing a Bachelors of Fine Arts with a minor in Psychology, 2011-2016. During her studies, Ashtonn has worked to develop her skills and style as a ceramic artist with mentors Jake Allee and KyoungHwa Oh.