Ashtonn Means

Artist Statement

As a ceramic artist, my intention is to develop work that combines aesthetics and functionality. My artwork expresses anthropomorphic forms as each piece poses individuality in personality and whimsical nature. These animated forms are infused with an almost life-like presence. The performing arts act as a catalyst for the surface designs, forms, and glazes I choose for pieces. My specific inspiration has developed out of Middle Eastern dance traditions.

The costume design, henna, and dynamic movement embody the spirit of the culture that I seek to illustrate through individual and expressive means. The forms I create explore the soft and, sometimes dramatic, curves of the female figure that have both sensual and nurturing qualities. The arrangement of items into sets communicates the psychology intermingled with social relationships and communication styles. This is illustrated by interactions between the forms themselves. I appreciate the freedom and connection that ceramic art allows. As an artist, I seek to convey a specific message, feeling, and thought to everyone who connects with a piece as part of their daily life by establishing an intimacy between artist and user.